From the Fun with Dick and Jane book series, to the 1960 P.D. Eastman book, Are You My Mother?  to Richard Scarry’s 1968 book, What do people do all day? LHI is about helping us better know–in a fun way–who we are through our relationships, of what’s in and of what’s about us…so far, and where can we best go with this awareness knowing all we DON’T know.

Though LHI in not in it to provide answer to questions only the participant can… sometime back in “books” they may have begun in childhood… LHI does hope to offer some thoughtful and available channels we’ve uncovered concerning the “some assembly required” manuals many of us tended to skip through.

This “About Us” section on LHI is hopefully received at the fun and useful balance between rigid and fluid life presents when funny things happy to you on the way to the Forum… stuck on number “42”.

Our NFP Organization

The Lights of Honor International is an Illinois-registered a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity.

LHI is not allied with any sect, denomination, organization or institution, and meet all city, state and federal guidelines for community service.

LHI associates and partners working with LHI and its mission are fully made public and described in any agreement for collaboration the parties involved determine.

Donations to The Lights of Honor International Foundation are 100% tax deductible as allowed by law.

Your Dollars at Work

To best show how all donations make to LHI we provide this webpage to highlight where contributions to LHI are being allocated and where, as well, we are falling short of our mark.

Questions to that which you see and do not see on this page are most welcomed, as we strive to be as transparent as we can and answer and present all of “who me are” and “how ya doing it” out to you our helpers.

Like the inn keeper in the Good Samaritan parable LHI is “just” the innkeeper taking care of those brought in to us, and we know you entrust us with your funds to be good stewards of it for the intentions you have for those you bring to us or challenge us to address.

We know You need to be on your various journeys so that your lives could be fulfilled as you yourself have been called, and we are grateful (and marked accountable) when upon your return from your journeys you look up on how your neighbor is now fairing, and so see if LHI has been true to its word, for being entrust with such lives, of big matters or small.

We hope to continue to make always better strides to maximize all donations and volunteer hours offered.