Mission and Theory of Change


The Lights of Honor International (LHI) is a nonprofit global organization stemming from The Bush neighborhood of South Chicago to stabilize families, build committed relationships of moral character, and discover one’s neighborhood and world though entrepreneurial sister cities channels and servant leadership investments.

We accomplish this by:

  • An Exploration Squares program that guides the tri-legged balance of Parents, Child and Neighbor to look up again and share through each others’ eyes.
  • Block Clubs of Interaction that network said “tri-units” to their past and present, to victories of old and battles still to come.
  • Globetrotting to other lands and cultures via Sister Cities portals, sending out our ships to new worlds and old, bringing all back Home to trade at market.
  • Putting on a modern day World’s Exhibition Fair in our own back yards wherein by us repurposing “old” buildings to be on tour all of us rediscover through them purposes in ourselves where investors want in.

Theory of Change


Create personalized programs that help parents and child learn of their family, their neighborhood, their life history; they feel a sense of belonging and hope wherein our organization, charity/caritas, serves in offering them their supplemental, supportive structure for a stabilized home life

Extend for them relational contacts with those outside of their neighborhood block, into that of the Sister Cities worlds of relationships and storied-rich timelines

Facilitate exploration in hands-on learning of history and heroes that allows parents and child to have an adventure in self re-discovery while finding their place, their direction, in meaningful complimentary journeys

Obtain and repurpose neighborhood buildings to serve the community renewed again as a new walk-through tour of life’s significant factors; Shape in parallel the character of one’s development and presenting their story, providing validation of their struggles, determinations and victories; Build step-by-step, tangible connections of one’s environment, moral choices, and future opportunities; Mentor leadership, entrepreneurship and team sustainability; Model healthy risk ventures and social tool functionalities via fun, inviting settings

Attract past generation of neighbors to come be home again for those needing their example of care and support, proven histories and achievable goal planning; exhibit a holistic “can-do” attitude-of-gratitude way to navigate; Reinvigorate block clubs and associations to showcase our lives as blessings

Employ exemplary staff capable of bringing forth the deepest and highest potentials of those we serve and work with to lead them by example in ways of education, career, health and civic responsibility; Work with other schools of learning, museums of life adventures, and institutes of development



Those in need (and distressed families in particular) will know their neighborhood’s and neighbor’s history, while appreciating from such steps their part in struggling and suffering to achieve the good

Better protected-as-connected families, when sharing their like-stories, will see the value of being “H.O.W.” (Honest, Open-minded, Willing), in evaluating their lives for stepping into better ones

People will trust that change, often hard to initiate where choices are equally hard to come by, is necessary and good for becoming happy, joyous and free in an environment where want is the norm

Attitudes and behaviors based on families’ tried and true testing of its bonds and values will provide:

  • Respect, tolerance and acceptance of others by appreciating their family history/experiences
  • Identifying and advancing self-reliance and self-respect from a family setting and its virtuous traditions
  • Developing caring, social and civic behaviors and duties based on the good of family-to-family
  • Making healthy moral choices in matters of health, relationships, education and career


WHICH WILL LEAD TO… (INTERMEDIATE OUTCOMES — BASK… Behavior, Attitude, Skills, Knowledge)

One seeing the dignity of their family, themselves, their work and purposeful relationships within their own local community and Sister Cities connections discovered internationally

Families worldwide spending more time together with each other with meaningful experiences and hopeful expectations on their fulfilled good lives leading to fulfilled good goals

Bonds between Family and Friends, Neighbor and Communities being tested and strengthened, retooled and reapplied for the benefit of better options for caring and achieving

Investments and proper development in the neighborhood through the counsel and work of those rooted with its lands; Economic advancement and opportunity in shaping a future “hood” here and now


AND ULTIMATELY… (LONGER-TERM IMPACT — Community-Level… Vision of Success)

Stabilized families, Committed relationships, Building of moral character, and Knowing of one’s Neighborhood and World though successful channels of origins, culture, values and sacrifice

People willing to prayerfully wrestle out their ideas and issues with each other through beneficial, communicative ways that lead to both investment and growth in the family and neighborhood

Tools and conditions needed for long-term learning and decision-making wherein leaders and servants bring the innovator and framework, vis-a-vis a global to local family one, into our attainable whole