The Calumet Z Greenways & Trails Outposts


The Calumet Z Greenways & Trails Outposts

651 S. Burnham Avenue, Calumet City, IL and others parcels within/without SE Chicago
This Trailhead Z vacant lot could serve as the outpost and garden respite for those taking the extended guided bike tour down south. There, as part of this journey, is the Big Marsh Bike Park there at 114th and Stony Island Ave. With the new Burnham Greenway Bike trail that goes down to River Oaks Shopping Center in Calumet City and the put-in kayak landing along the Little Calumet River at Gouwens Park in South Holland, Calumet Z will serve as a midway or turn-around point for those making this trip from The Tower N. or any on LHI’s Bush Expo Fairgrounds.

A protective fence, shed, picnic tables and multi garden areas, as well as a walking teaching path around this lot, could allow both bicyclist and local resident around the area who would be wanting to bike up to South Chicago the chance to sit and picnic together, and learn of what they’d perhaps seen and thought of along the way.

Those partaking in the day-long bike tours, by arriving at Trailhead Z, could have options to see the gardens and teaching posts planned there.

There would be no admission fee for those who prearrange their visit to this location but it could be that if a speaker on tour with the bicyclist, hikers, etc, were to use this area for a presentation and eating location that a donation to offset its upkeep costs would be charged.

The hope is that by getting all moving away from their personal i-phone and social media world patrons of this and all LHI’s facilities become better in learning volumes more from personally learning of each other and therein bond with their fellow neighbor, parent, child in doing such fun things… Such ‘things” teach and offer healthy, long-lasting enjoyment from and between all who participate, and are shared along the path.