Committees & Roles

Committees and Roles

These are the committees LHI sees as beneficial to its mission success. Not all committees are active, and certainly all are in need of volunteers and support that LHI hopes you, for yourself and all, will consider investing and aid.


Communications Committee

  • Provide LHI information via press releases to recommended media outlets
  • Coordinate updates for website and social media connections • Oversee publicity operations
  • Share and exchange information with schools, institutions and organizations
  • Offer marketing options and feedback
  • Evaluate effectiveness of information sharing process and make recommendations


Development/Fundraising Committee

  • Identify likely funding sources
  • Prepare proposals
  • Coordinate with sponsorship, community connection and marketing committees solicit support
  • Plan fundraisers in collaboration with Program Committee
  • Insure appropriate acknowledgement


Executive Committee

  • Consider issues between board meetings
  • Make interim decisions subject to board approval
  • Plan each board meeting


Finance Committee

  • Prepare and oversee budgets
  • Oversee financial income, assets and expenditures
  • Prepare reports as needed for board and for fundraising, etc.
  • Insure the submission and filing of appropriate forms and statements


Internships Committee

  • Establish relationships with fellow internship organizations
  • Develop job descriptions in collaboration with needs of LHI
  • Interview and select
  • Train, mentor, supervise, evaluate
  • Coordinate with outside mentoring offices as appropriate
  • Provide follow-up and publicity for achievements, providing recommendations as needed


Membership Committee

  • Based on LHI planned services and operations develop members’ code standards
  • In collaboration with Communications Committee, devise strategy for publicizing and recruiting members


Nominating Committee

  • Recruitment new board candidates
  • Solicit nominations broadly representative of service community
  • Interview candidates and inform them of board roles and responsibilities
  • Submit recommendations for election


Partnerships/Outreach Committee

  • Partnerships and outreach to
    • Promote LHI with other community groups
    • Participate in and support other groups’ activities
    • Recruit community partners and exchanges
  • Sponsorships of businesses and NFPs who primarily serve our target mission’s focus:
    • Determine levels of sponsorship support
    • Develop materials for recruiting institutional and business sponsorships (in collaboration with Development Committee)
    • Recruit sponsors (in collaboration with Development Committee)
  • Community Connections: Determine/Develop
    • Category of support and exchanges
    • Levels of support and related cooperation
    • Promotional materials
    • Recruitment of participants


Programs Committee

  • Coordinate LHI activities
  • Plan and implement regular and special events including
    • Parties
    • Educational and informational programs
    • Official meetings
  • Assist LHI members and groups to organize the programs and events they seek
  • Fundraisers (in collaboration with Development/Fundraising Committee)
  • Publicize events (in collaboration with Communications Committee)


Services Committee

  • Identify initial services to be offered
    • By volunteers
    • By vetted providers
  • Determine methods for critiquing and improving/expanding LHI services offered
  • Initiate process for providing service
  • Design service system (in collaboration with Volunteer and Communications Committees)
  • Publicize with Communications Committee
  • Periodically review and expand services as resources become available (in collaboration with Strategic Planning Committee)


Strategic Planning Committee

  • Plan board workshops and other activities need to establish LHI
  • Draft Goals and Objectives
  • Periodically evaluate LHI operations and achievements
  • Schedule and implement follow up surveys and strategic planning sessions as appropriate
  • Oversee evaluations as appropriate


Volunteer Committee

  • Develop recruiting plans and methods
  • Create information/application form
  • Recruit volunteers for different kinds of tasks:
    • To provide help and support for the LHI structure and operation
    • To help members — In collaboration with the decisions and recommendations of the Strategic Planning/Survey and Services committees on the services to be offered
  • Determine vetting process for those who will be helping members
  • Organize orientation and training for volunteers
  • Devise methods for follow up and evaluation
  • Coordination with needs of other committees
  • Recruit, select, train, supervise and evaluate interns.