Exploration Squares

The Exploration Squares program (ES) strives to offer hands-on learning of everyday life that can add stability and purpose to all one does individually, as a family, as a community, as a city, as a nation.

In tying it in with the saying, “It’s hip to be square!”one’s living this out positively in a world today where so much is of the flash-in-the-pan, rolling stone craze is much of the challenge ES addresses.

Exploration Squares as a whole offers experience, immersion experiences that bring all of life’s basic to the fore and help one appreciate the strength in learning from each other from all eras of time.

For continuing education purposes, Exploration Squares offers its “Our Neighborhood in Us” series of lesson programs that are offered to schools and learning institutions as an after-school, three-week lesson modules that combine neighborhood information, technological know-how, and moral character development. As such parents and child learning together for building together was its standard and additional lesson plans are currently being developed.