Your Big Ten Bike League


Your Big Ten Bike League

The following is information inviting those who may want to learn more about the bicycling, and how one can do so in a fun, safe and sustainable way. It’s a program to connect with others in similar groups from around the world, who might be doing something similar in their own respective schools and neighborhoods. Due to US Steel’s lease options for the South Chicago Velodrome all racing at its particular location is no longer available.



WE ARE: South Shore, South Chicago, South Deering, East Side, Hegewisch!

  • South Shore Intl HS
  • Excel Woodlawn HS
  • Epic Academy HS
  • Chicago Vocational HS
  • 83rd Street Block Club North
  • Bowen HS
  • Baker Academy HS
  • St. Francis de Sales HS
  • George Washington HS
  • 83rd Street Block Club South


Join the new LHI High School Bike League!

  • Bike the SCVA’s oval embanked track at awesome speed, strength and skill
  • Learn teamwork, science, and the mechanics of bicycle velodrome racing
  • Join in other sister cities velodrome sites and bicycling clubs around the world


South Chicago Velodrome Association’s velodrome track is conveniently located at the NE corner of E. 87th Street and S. Burley Avenue

Easy access by Metra Electric – South Chicago Branch: 87th Street Train Station // and BUSES 26, 71, 30 & 87

For more information during weekday hours stop by the S.Chi CofC desk inside 9212 S. Commercial Ave.

Visit the website at

Call your new league coordinator __________ at __________, or email him/her at _________________

COME CONTINUE CHICAGO’S GREAT BICYCLE HISTORY PAST, IN HOW IT BRINGS US TO TODAY! From the great 19th-century cyclist Major Taylor, to today’s technology models, BE the ACHIEVEMENT!  May today’s Wright Brothers’ bicycle-shop, find you a Neil Armstrong’s One small step/Giant Leap future!