Docents of the Hood


Docents of the Hood

So many from our neighborhoods stroll the streets and live out their lives in the midst of great history and great future all around them.

Through our Docents of the Hood program LHI trains candidates to develop their oratory and performance skills, and historic knowledge of the area, for being able to lead tours around the neighborhood.

Being able to gain self confidence and a marketable skill in public speaking opens doors to those who may lack perhaps reading and writing skills yet excel in being aware of their effect on others and how they are gifted in being able to read others body language.

Our Docents, through them fielding questions from all walks, makes and models of life, would assist those walking with their Docent on their LHI walk of life, expand their own understanding of their place and mark in life. With LHI’s connected sister cities programs our docents, and their patrons, get to identify how so many came from other countries to forge the common American experience that unites them in their values.