From Ideas to Bulbs


From Ideas to Bulbs

Creativity is in our human constitution and economy. Being generative is exciting. It can also be compromised and left to the side when the burdens of life, as life happens, keeps us from getting “plugged in” and recharged.

Every goal, every idea, without a plan, is simply a wish. How one keeps the “carrot” before the idea to keep all moving together and on course, to build the light bulb, test it, and bring it to market is what this program “does”.

Being “Centered in Youthful Innovations” has been an LHI focal point and paradigm for behavior. Approaching the curious thinker to help them identify what she or he has before them, to build from and upon that which is they have as stable, this is the sustainability of the Ideas to Bulbs mission that LHI’s Houston U entrepreneur bakeshop will offer.

If one is not in a stable setting, if dysfunctional behaviors prevent one from moving ahead, then LHI will try to create conditions that offer them such possibilities, and to introduce budding inventors to new future options.

Developing and sharing ideas based on the life journey one is on, where one has already been, helps create for the person a connectedness to their fellow man. As such the good in all and the insightful perspective everyone can offer will be highlighted and advanced so that every child, every parent, can see the greatness life–they themselves–offer.