Where’s LOHIE


Where's LOHIE?

This educational and fun neighborhood touring e-game is currently in its production design stage for allowing one to go around the neighborhood, where one can download onto one’s cell phone (or from home on their computer or by using print texts as needed) the histories and news stories associated with various locations, people and events around the neighborhood. LOHIE (The Lights of Honor International E-cademy) provides one the fun and educational means for all ages for one to travel the streets in a virtual way within just one time period (e.g. 1890, 1920, 1950, 1980, 2010) or to jump between time period as one tries to solve the detective riddles set before you.

This prototype is for allowing LOHIE users to travel the e-scape of the neighborhood using such means as former railroad car, street trolleys, etc as they get around town at those “back then” had, as well as using bicycles and even kayak along the Calumet River for getting around the neighborhood, etc. From certain portal locations within the e-neighborhood there are options to connect with the sister city who would be connected to that portal’s location. As such one can “teleport” to similar learning scavenger hunts in that particular sister city’s historic old town for shared similar lesson learning goals and objectives. “Our Neighborhood in Us” series is LOHIE’s extension.