Neighborhoods on Parade

Our Neighborhoods on Parade showcase the building blocks of our neighborhoods: “We the Peoples” in stewarding “Life of our Environment”; the family person in his or her settings, and the time-space relationships shared between them. From such, one’s inspiration and imagination work to create a harmony in which the family and community can flourish and advance with the world they create.

This grouping of LHI’s neighborhoods and their histories offer facts and context of blocks that form local identities, how our blocks connects with each other along specific likes and opportunities, and how the block is, together, a means of understanding their value and purpose when all in “Whoville” can fully become known and expressed in creation.

Block clubs are manageable day-to-day associations of individual homes, businesses, schools and churches, of playgrounds and bus stops, of vacant lots, telephone lines and water mains. Like two rails for keeping a train on its track so one in discovering self and one’s neighbor does it help keep the whole family get to their Station. Old fenced-off “NIMBY” expressions (Not In My Back Yard) become respect for ones neighbor and rights in realizing the “our backyard” Shared Life Parade.