Today’s Commercial Ave – 83rd to 93rd


Today’s Commercial Ave - 83rd to 93rd

Thanks to the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce Commercial Avenue has undergone had a Revitalization Study done of it from 83rd Street to 93rd Street.

In conjunction with the University of Illinois-Chicago and their Great Cities Institute this new set of plans and community resurgence has been gaining momentum.

LHI, with its outreach to others–to highlight our history and diamond-in-the-rough economic vitality and potential–is working to bring in new businesses, tourism, arts and entertainment possibilities for both present and future generations calling Southeast Chicago the place to Be.

The late ESPN Sports Center announcer Stuart Scott, and his 1993-debuted word Booyah! with its exuberant flavor to attract, express Commercial Avenue’s “Come-Back-Kid” lifetime achievement hopes and “home-run” grand slam ways. With this spirit and determination we learn and make our own his inspirational gift.