South Works Development


South Works Development - 8080 Lakeshore

No driving economic engine depicts South Chicago more than the former US Steel – South Works mills. More than steel and commerce the people and life conditions that were forged from the mills created a world onto itself of those who came from around the world to take their chances here to make a better one.

Now that all that is left of it 587 acres for its identifiable legacy are a couple of iron ore walls and two water inlet slips LHI asks, “Was this, in its history’s comedy and tragedy, just its opening act?” How does what once was–as a mill–now get to forge new players and playwrights, stages and theaters, for proper benefits to THIS generation?

The histories from the mills have been made. Many lives have come and gone because of them. Character, stories, and new life giving ideas to solve age-old problems have been made possible in large part to what the mills had made us face… the good, the bad, the ugly. Now a new opening of our future appears.

LHI shows here where we’ve come, and how we’ve come. As such we offer community light on how the community thinks it should go, realizing who not to become the problem while seeking a solution.