Sister Cities Globetrotters

How we view and interact with the world beyond our borders affect how we instill values within our families, our homes, our communities. LHI seeks to “be ahead of the future” in its programs that will shape such values. Our programs and options to interface with those sister cities who share an interest in LHI’s global-to-local mission we hope will help bring that about.

Any instrument, any detector device, et cetera, will only register incoming data it was designed or has been conditioned to capture. With so much beneficial information flowing past all of us at every moment it helps to challenge our way of thinking by first identifying our limitations that perhaps our own cultures, ideologies and biases may have already unintentionally created.

By interacting with sister city nations LHI patrons have the opportunity to see where ideology, history and so many other disjointed aspects of our learning have affected our sensors and views. To one who may have only lived on one side of a mountain all their lives their climb “up and over” to a better life perhaps found on the other side could be for them their challenge to better themselves and family, should they only be able to muster enough strength to make it over that “summit” before them.

To another’s perspective however–one who might be positioned on the other side of that mountain, or for any who are further back away from that struggling climber–they might see how that particular mountain side is, for the climber described, actually a “false summit”… for they see from their vantage point an even bigger mountain to climb over located just after it.

By learning from others around the world LHI strives to help each better understand who’s who, who’s where, and how to best communicate to each what lies ahead for the other as each charts and climbs their particular successful route best for them. In identifying who one can at least ask, in what particulars they might know, and what is their perspective (their Einstein-context “frame of reference” if you will) is the practicing approach of LHI’s sister cities program. We seek programs that can offer ways for us to look at ourselves, our sister city neighbor, and what the future might bring to each of us from the experienced vantage point one shares… in getting ahead of the curve.