USA: GLOBE go-round


USA Globe go-round

LHI, having its roundup of parties from various neighborhoods and cities, states and countries, capitalize on this wealth of talent and interests and offer such links to others and their cities who likewise are doing great things within their own circles.

Local towns and institutes beyond any officially connected sister city pairing have great ways to show the big world out there what this “little guy” can teach a Goliath or two a few things for keeping it real. A historic little Momence can update a progressed Manhattan (NY) how THEY’VE got a walk the world takes note of. A kibbutz in Israel can bounce off a Del Webb-er in the States direction & ideas each needs for their Promised Land timeshare.

An example of the Philadelphia, USA – Torun, Poland sister cities relationship they’d formally begun May 27th, 1976 is a good model to expound from. Being LHI’s origins are from Torun it so happened Little League baseball and American football got introduced there. Other events like sister cities parades down its Bulwar Filadelfijski riverfront street, and an international exhibit and conference showcasing the potential reuse of its Fort VIII former WW II political prisoners of war camp were thought up and initiated. Such wonderful ideas and projects had those from Philadelphia participate in them. If a global sister cities of inspired families build it, “they will come”. So many cities have their fantastic stories and lessons waiting to be told. They just need to be developed in a family go-round.