Life’s Cosmic Suitcase


Life's Cosmic Suitcase

“It’s the Journey. Not the Destination.” Such has been voiced by those who seek enjoyable, lasting, educational experiences. And who know how arriving in the end is not the trip itself where all its mystery and meaning lie.

So let’s pack up to go! What’s the new horizon you want to get to? What will it take? What will it give? Here is where writing it out ahead of time creates the journey potential to the destination; yet how does one not lose anything, or anyone, along the way?

One’s connecting reason with imagination is how this “suitcase schooner” of ours will be powered, navigated, secured. It’s your suitcase to create, and as all suitcases go, who knows what now or then might inside when so little time to pack. But pack light, so as to not get weighed down too soon. As you advance, trade for what you’ll need to get you to “there and back”. And know your Icarus.

Here’s the chance to set your compass and chart your course, and to make it a suitcase story worth telling because it’s yours, and it’s worth telling, and others too can get to telling theirs because of it. For example, there’s “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” and his “Tombstone Blues” …and we’re STILL taking trips from it all these years after, finding new ways to be creative and bring others to theirs. This Suitcase is your story to tell of all the places it goes and sees, hears and experiences, and how it affects and is affected, by all the wonders it encounters. And if your first start out doesn’t cut it, “Take two!” Believe it worked for Dylan’s 115th …in “Bringing It All Back Home”

Each submitted story posted the Suitcase hopes yours will offer insights you want to share of you and your city, life in it, not in it, its life that’s heading elsewhere …Y. Be of fun satire in all of life’s surprises and twisted ironies. Connections of fact and fiction, mathematics and imagination, physics and metaphysics, God and doG all make up our cosmos and help to bring colors to those in others which might not otherwise get seen.

As an exercise in posting accounts of your Suitcase traveling through your city’s or regions history, futures, etc, you can offer some life lessons that can help keep families and peoples moving closer together by seeing and experiences through your Suitcase’s writings what’s most important for getting through life; where we can learn to do with less so all the more will fit in in Suitcase Together.