Honorland Development Tour

The following proposed descriptions are for properties LHI has identified for its Honorland development tour:

Ultra V Little Parents Pod

This violet-colored, one-story building could serve as a parent and child mentorship base to assist those parents and children in the areas needing to know how to better understand, learn, and teach the other in their family, based on any of LHI’s Exploration Squares leadership programs and principles.

The very large front yard of this house could be fenced in for allowing children and parents a protected area to be outside and play, while also taking some time to reflect on whatever insights and challenges they will have been presented from within the house by any of our LHI-ers.

The building’s three one-on-one meeting rooms could offer mentorship space for groups and families of various sizes coming together and working out ways to better see what their experiences might mean to them today, toward their overall shared goals they are exploring, or how to apply them going forward within their family of today and their perhaps newly-explored values system.

The front room and kitchen, as LHI’s leadership program continues to highlighting everyone’s sister cities foods and cultures, will offer instruction and teaching examples for families relating–not comparing–how those values and parenting approaches certain others from around the world use might be or not be of any benefit to them. The goal of such exercises being to overcoming dead zones of communication the parent(s) and child may currently be experiencing in their family’s traditional, or non-traditional, directed purpose.

The second floor’s stand-up, half-attic space could be used for storage of children and parents learning games and presentations, as well as a secured mini playroom.

The back yard, with its separate, secured yard area to be made available for parents and children needing from it extended use of its space, could be reserved for putting on small plays and puppet performances. Likewise, as a barbecue area, it would serve at the end of the day as the rendezvous point where those who have prepared it now enjoy its ethnic others. Any new sister cities table concept for family eating can be modeled and further developed for making it a tradition with their own family’s needs in and around their own home table.

Being a location for family values and leadership principles, LHI’s fun Exploration Squares programs will use this particular deep, set-back old home (built in 1869) as model for what ones “Charlie-in-the-Box” home (of Rudolf red-nosed reindeer “Land of Misfit Toys” fame) might become if you start accepting “life on life’s terms”, and drawing strength from one others’ experience, strength and hope… to pilot us (red-nosed) through. Consider it a better current version of the Virginia Lee Burton 1942 classic children’s book, “The Little House: her story”, and maybe a little side of the late NC State coach, Jimmy V… “Never Give Up!”

The Waldhaus B Environmental Depot

To address topics on both the environment and land remediation post-industrial age this three-story residence building, having a fully finished basement unit, a large back yard, and a two car/two story garage, would serve as a very simple environmental information example home for Southeast Chicago. Its basement and first floor units, and free standing garage, could be made handicapped accessible.

Following in the little more muddied footsteps of its ‘parent’ hotel namesake located in Sils Im Engadin, Switzerland (seven miles southwest St. Moritz), described on it website by how it “sits above peaceful Sils-Maria like a fairy-tale castle, amidst lovely walking and hiking trails”, our CHICAGOLAND Waldhaus B, i.e., “WoodsHouse”, is anything but. LHI’s “B” would offer a means to showcase the local area environment as it undergone throughout its history, and to provide our LHI houseguest visitors a means to interconnect with other environmental enthusiasts from around the world.

Our day tour visitors who come to Waldhaus can walk its rooms to see depicted the different time-lapsed landscapes and ecosystems from around our sister cities. It likewise allows one to appreciate what we have right here in our own Bush neighborhood and South Chicago district. It is crucial to preserve and restore damaged ecosystems whenever they’re unnaturally altered to keep it optimally providing for life’s healthy means forward.

The building’s two-unit, two-bedroom residences will have both a conservation and historic impact theme to them, respectively. The basement could offer a film presentation area, as well as serve as an excursion staging area for showcasing how people can likewise get involved in leading healthy nature programs in our area. It could also be where we link regularly to the guests actually staying at Waldhaus “A” for us to for partnerships with them.

The third floor could be for storing traveling exhibits that LHI members could take to others in and around the city, as well as for housing ongoing research and the storage of studies that any researched might be conducting.

The yard, with as much attention to detail as we can, could be used to recreate the area environment plants that early settlers from our sister cities families would have experienced when first coming to South Chicago and area.

The garage could have on its second floor a tools storage area, while the ground floor could serve as our “garage talk” meeting area for group club enthusiasts who could teach interested parties ongoing lessons on topics such as the environment and other work related matters.

In time perhaps, like with the Frontier Q zip-line rope park idea, two Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal RR boxcars could be donated to LHI to be placed behind the building where the former rails of the B&O.C.T. & EJ&E RR lines ran. This could expand our environment display floors to showcase where railroads from around the world traversed the ecosystems they’d impacted, and how by them their cities and ideas grew. Waldhaus B then, as such, could allow kids and parents interactive ways to learn of each other and their impact on life’s nature.

The Raising A Youth Club Hub

This abandoned building would be developed by and for the assistance of adolescents, with donated books and learning media for kids to check out. The Hub could give them a structured place to learn how to set up and implement their own expectations and goals, wherein maybe they could parallel such examples as J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” or J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series to create a small youth club home/kingdom at these.

As a two story frame house with a fenced in back yard and basement it could offer kids a chaperoned time space for playing such things from foosball to bean bag toss games, or from their needing a mentoring place to be guided, to a place to help them do some undone homework. It could be a healthy place to shoot the breeze talking about what one wants to be when they grow up; doing so with grownups who know a thing of two on what works.

The Disraeli G Religion, Culture & Coffee House

This one-level abandoned former Foremost Liquor Store could now, if Lilies of the Field movie options still exist (1963), serve for today’s patrons the spirits of a different “close encounter of the tri-kind.”

The building inside is nothing but a shell of what it once was, but it DOES have potential… as anyone working their ding their way up from off the floor can testify.

For its namesake is has a bit of Cream rock band nostalgia, some Soho neighborhood vibe, a bit of VW microbus magic, and a pinch of Harold and Maude movie twist, as every great tasting Coffee House has. This, with any assortments of how-to God books to study and discuss, some spirit beats and beads to sway to and maybe trade, and maharishis and sitars to gain highlighted perspective and enlightenment from, allows all walks of life to learn how one can walk alike.

From going down aisle “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”? to pew “In the Garden of Eden”, one can turn into something new.

The Gen X Space & Science Station

This three-floor abandoned building was also designed in 1909 by architect F.W. Fischer, the same architect who designed The Tower N. It has a protruding turret, like The Tower N., but in this case, Gen X’s turret is all metal and has a most funky-looking finial piece atop it. Nothing like the Temple of Gozer of Ghostbusters’ Shandor Building fame, but putting aside any Stay Puft Marshmallow Man who could be walking down its street, it’s got its charm.

The building currently has four apartments (two where the ground level’s original two stores had been) and the free standing two-level garage out back has been made into two apartments. Has a huge third floor attic and full basement.

As part of the LHI Exploration Squares walking tour it would be great to introduce the community to more STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in highlighting easily accessible space and science projects and people to kids and parents they can relate to. Being easily local and readily available it could have them “keep coming back” to their local neighborhood space and science exhibits building that would grow with them, as they do, in directing them to Explore and See.

Call it our goal to help get one of our local LHI kids to make it out into space and “wave back”, or find a cure for any of life’s life-crushers, all thanks to the Gen X’s influence it had on him or her. To do his via Gen X is a bullseye+.

The Side C Music Gate

The late Keith Moon, drummer of The Who, is often credited to have stated in a studio to two with him that if they formed a new group it would go down like a lead balloon. Two years later in 1968 Led Zeppelin got off the ground.

Our planned three-story Side C building would be for Honorland serving up its Music’s hope from & for All Comers.

The Side would bring in kids and parents to sing and listen together, offering songs as lenses to past ways reflected in our lyrics and historic times. Side C would teach differences to sing again, singing a “+” from “-” by hearing a “^”.

Our Side C building, through its music & people, will be in-ways to sing our Community, in how we open the spirit of each from each. Those at the Gate would be an instrument for life, in getting one singing together All one’s life!

That Led Zeppelin, originally forecasted to fail? Well, they went on to do some rather uplifting things for this great world. But of all their many concert halls and rock venues they filled it is said they’d never performed but one of their songs LIVE: Down by the Seaside. Its gate above but a reflective N, played by an a-b-c side.

“Down By The Seaside” – from Led Zeppelin’s album: Physical Graffiti

Down by the seaside. See the boats go sailin’
Can the people hear, What the little fish are sayin’

Oh, oh, the people turned away. Oh, the people turned away

Down in the city streets, see all the folk go racin’, racin’
No time left, to pass the time of day

The people turned away. The people turned away
So far away, so far away
See how they run, see how they run, see how they run, see how they run.

Do you still do the twist
Do you find you remember things that well
I wanna tell you… Some go twistin’ every day
though sometimes it’s awful hard to tell

Out in the country, hear the people singin’
Singin’ ’bout their progress, knowin’ where they’re goin’

Oh, oh, oh, oh, the people turned away
Yes, the people turned away

Sing loud for the sunshine, pray hard for the rain
And show your love for Lady Nature. And she will come back again
The people turned away
The people turned away